WILLAMETTE RIVER FISHING GUIDES are looking forward to one of the bigger runs in reaction memery for 2023 spring salmon.  This year’s run of more than 70 thousand spring salmon is going to be one you will not want to miss out on.  We will be fishing out of Scappoose bay on the multnomah channel.  This is a great spot to fish due to being the first shot as the fish are swimming up the river.  The columbia river is closed when we are fishing the channel so these fish swim into the lower channel and these are fish that have not seen a bait science they left the ocean.  This is also a great spot to fish due to calm waters and great scenery with lots of bird life!
WILLAMETTE RIVER FISHING GUIDES way of fishing for spring salmon on the multnomah channel is trolling. We start off the year mainly trolling bait but as the water warms up we start to troll hardwear as in spinners.  We normally start fishing in the channel mid April thru May.  This is a great fishery for all types of age due to the laid back fishing and calm waters.  The fish tend to come through in waves normally moving on the tides.  Don’t miss out on this fun fishery!  We fish out of are state of the art 28 foot Willies sled that can fish up to 6 people a day with lots of room for everyone to enjoy their day on the water.