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North Oregon Coast

Drift Boat Fishing Rivers

Trask, Wilson, Kilchis, Nestucca

Nestucca River Steelhead Fishing

The Nestucca River offers over 20 miles of driftable river for winter steelhead fishing near Pacific City. From the upper sections near Blaine to the lower sections of Cloverdale and multiple boat ramps in between, there are many options of steelhead drift boat trips to choose from. The Nestucca River is one of the few Northern Oregon Coast Rivers that does not allow any motors from November 1st – March 31st – making it a true drift boat fishing experience.

Nestucca River Fishing Guides

With both an early and late strain of winter steelhead, this river fishes from December through April with excellent numbers of steelhead in the river.

The Nestucca River has a hatchery broodstock program. The hatchery fish are spawned from wild stock, making them aggressive biters and great fighters when they return from the ocean.

Nestucca River fishing guides are known to hook fish weighing an average of 8-12 pounds, with 15–20 pound steelhead caught every year.

Wilson River Steelhead Fishing

Located in Tillamook, winding along highway 6, this river offers a fairly short commute for those anglers traveling from the valley. The Wilson River offers over 10 miles of driftable river for the Tillamook winter steelhead fishery: from mile marker 10 along the Wilson River Highway to the last take out at Sollie Smith Boat Ramp and numerous boat ramps and slides in between. Electric trolling motors are allowed year round, making covering miles of fishable river possible. Steelhead fishing trips are drifted in one of two drift boats: a 20ft or 17ft Willies drift boat.

Wilson River Fishing Gudies

This river is fishable for north coast winter steelhead from December through April.

This river also offers a wild broodstock program, allowing for large numbers of fish to be caught each year.

Like the Nestucca, Wilson River fishing guides commonly catch 8-12 pound steelhead with 15-20 pounders possible.

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