Corporate Trips

Team Building

Team Building Is A Great Investment In People


Corporate Retreats are very valuable in getting employees and management to connect in different ways at new levels.  Taking people out of the job site  and putting them in a completely new environment help builds compradore and loyalty.

Want to breathe some fresh thoughts and ideas into a project?  Take your people fishing but under the premise of coming up with new ideas.  If you do need to discuss business we are happy to help you make arrangements at local hotels. 

Bring along a lunch and beverages or ask us to set up catering for you.  Within reason we can accommodate your group with all the amenities it needs to have fun but also be productive.

Thank You

Sometimes people just need to be thanked in a special way. Do your employees deserve some appreciation?


Is your team just not communicating like it should? Provide a new experience to get people talking.

Slow Sales

Take your Sales Staff on a fishing adventure that will revitalize them

Big Announcement

Is there a Big Announcement that you want to communicate in a unique way? A trip with St Laurent Guide Serivce is a great backdrop for unveilings.

Brain Storming

 It is proven that creativity can be spurred by changing your environment. What better way to get the juices flowing

Client Outings


There is no better way to show your appreciation or to say thank you than a fishing trip with St Laurent Guide Service.. St Laurent Guide Services  is a private charter that provides for a relaxing trip for all.  

Say Thank You

A day of fishing is a real treat that your clients will remember for years to come.  

Close The Sale

Spending a day on the water with a client is a great way to hash out any details and build rapport.   Consider a fishing adventure the next time you need some extra time with your perspective client.


A fishing trip with St Laurent is a great way to build your relationship with current clients.  Is there someone that you have been meaning to do something special for?


is there a client you haven’t heard from for awhile?   Take them on a fishing trip and get reconnected.