Tillamook Bay Crabbing Charter

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We offer guided crab trips out of Garibaldi on Tillamook bay Nov thru Jan.

These are great trips for everyone, family kids, corporate outings you name it. These are laid back trips that we dont normally start early and we get easy limits of Dungeness crab. The limit is 12 crab per person on these trips. I have pots out the day before the trip so we normally always go through and just keep the biggest crab possible. The keeper size for crab is 5 3/4 across the shell. But normally this time of year the majority of the crab we get are well over 6 inches with many up to 7 inches. Those large ones are normally 2 pounds or larger which you get a great amount of meat out of!
I can take up to 6 people per crab trip on my 28 foot Willes sled. I need 4 people to make a trip happen but I can pair groups together to make trips happen. Normally these trips last only 1 to 2 hrs on the water due to having the crab pots out the day before and the crab we need are already in the pots.
After each trip is over we come back to my shop 20 min from Garibaldi and we cook all the crab then clean them and i have a commercial ice machine that we can pack all coolers with your cooked cleaned crab for the ride home.