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Catch & Keep  May & June  Select days 

Catch & Release May – July

From Mid May thru July we have a fantastic Columbia river sturgeon fishery in Astoria.  This is a world famous fishery that most all Astoria fishing guides fish due to all the catching that takes place.  This is a catch and release fishery except for a 10 to 12  days in May & June that the ODFW will allow fishermen to keep fish. The keeper fishery is very short and goes from mid May thru early June on select days. In 2019 we got 11 days to keep fish and in 2020 we are expecting the same.  The catch and keep fishery is also great do to these fish being ocean sturgeon coming into the lower Columbia river to feed in the spring and summer.  This makes these fish some of the best eating fish around some people say they like eating them as much as Halibut. This is a very fun fishery for all ages. We are on anchor fishing for the sturgeon and is laid back until they start biting and then doubles, triples and even quads are common and it gets to be a ton of fun. Astoria sturgeon guides look forward to this fun action packed fishery every year. It is not uncommon to have 50 fish days and reeling in 20 to 30 fish is just a normal outing. The other great thing about this fishery is we fish in shallow water a lot and these fish love to jump. It is a sight to see these big fish come flying out of the water. Come out and experience the Columbia River sturgeon fishing.