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Buoy 10 Columbia River

World Class Salmon Fishing

Chinook & Coho Salmon

Buoy 10 Columbia River is a World Class Salmon fiishery with huge runs in early August. This is one of the most popular salmon fisheries in Oregon and Washington. Each year, people travel from all over the world to fish for Salmon atBuoy 10. This is one of the most exciting fisheries of the year. It is not uncommon to land 10 to 20 fish in a day, so if you want the chance at catching multiple salmon this is the fishery for you.

Both Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon are in the river and we have many chances at hooking doubles or triples (hooking 2 and 3 fish at the same time); it gets very exciting when they are all on at once. In early August, we are mainly fishing for Chinook salmon, but by the middle of the month we catch both Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon in the same day. It is always fun not knowing what will be on the end of your line. The weather is normally very good this time of year, which makes for a very pleasant day on the water. The best dates fill fast so don’t wait untill the last minute.

Hammond Oregon


We generally meet our clients at the marina in Hammond Oregon.  Hammond is just northwest of Astoria Oregon on the furthest NW corner of Oregon,  right where the Columbia River spills into the Pacific Ocean.   These are the waters we fish this time of year.  The Salmon do move around a bit and we will go where we have had luck catching them during prior trips and from reports from other Salmon Fishing Guides at Buoy 10.

Like most costal rivers,  your most productive fishing comes during the slack water just before the tide change from low tide to high tide.   Both Oregon and Washington Salmon Fishing Guides  tend to get as close as they can to Buoy 10 (yes Buoy 10 is an actual Buoy in the mouth of the Columbia) for the change to the incoming tide.  This is when the Salmon tend to swim into the Columbia and can be very aggressive at biting a fisherman’s bait or lure.

Our Custom Mad Willie Fishing Boat


We fish from a custom made Willie Boat designed specifically for this type of fishing.   The boat holds up to 6 fishermen and is built for safety and comfort.   Out boat includes big pedestal seats with padded arm rests and are even individually heated to keep you warm.  We have the latest electronics on the boat including fish finders and navigational  equipment.   Of course we have Coast Guard approved life vests for everyone on board.

 To help insure that you have the best chance of landing a fish we provide you with top of the line fishing equipment and tackle.   Our reels are filled with fresh line that hasn’t been getting brittle from being stored for years in a boat or garage.  Nothing is worse than hooking onto a 20+ pound Salmon only to have your gear fail on you.

While fishing at Buoy 10 we may also come across wildlife along the way.  Elk are very prevalent in this area and can be seen at times from the boat launch.  While on the water we may encounter Sea Lions and occasionally a pod of Killer Whales.   Of course we have waterfowl and a vast array of sea birds to look at.

All in all,  the Salmon Fishing is considered World Class.   There are not many rivers in the world that have such a large and consistent run of Salmon.  Buoy 10 Columbia River offers not only Chinook Salmon fishing and Coho Salmon fishing but it does have runs of Red Salmon, Chum Salmon and Shad.  Book your trip to Buoy 10 today and I can pretty much guarantee you that the fish are not the only ones that get hooked.


Family of Guys Young and Old with their Catch - Buoy 10 Fishing - Columbia River - St. Laurent Guide Service
Guys and a Gal with their Catch - Buoy 10 Fishing - Columbia River - St. Laurent Guide Service
6 people with their Catch - Buoy 10 Fishing - Columbia River - St. Laurent Guide Service