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Buoy 10

Fall Salmon

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WELCOME to St. Laurent Guide Service

Hello, my name is Daniel St. Laurent and I look forward to being your Salmon and Steelhead fishing guide. I’ve been fishing in the most popular rivers in the Northwest all my life and many of my friends, family and people I met on the rivers talked me into being a full-time fishing guide. I’ve officially been a Washington and Oregon Salmon and Steelhead fishing guide for 15 years now.

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Winter Steelhead

January – March 2019

We will be fishing winter steelhead in the Tillamook County rivers out of one of our two state of the art Willie drift boats. You get to enjoy our 21 foot Willies Sled with HEATED SEATS, which means we can fish below drift boat sections on certain rivers. This is a huge advantage during certain river conditions. We will be targeting these great fish from now through the end March. This is a fun, hands on fishery which provides extremely active fish that like to jump and make long runs up and down the river. Fresh fish come into the coastal rivers every time we get a shot of rain. The average size is 8-15 pounds with 20 pound fish caught every year. We have a broodstock program on both the Wilson and Nestucca, that allows us to catch fresh hatchery fish for the whole season. Wilson River and Nestucca River fishing guides look for another fun and productive season for our broodstock winter steelhead programs. For those that want to get away from some of the crowds we see from time to time, we have great native runs on the Kilches River and Trask River. Open Dates & More Information

Columbia River Spring Salmon

March – Early April 2019

We will start our COLUMBIA RIVER SPRING SALMON season the last week of March thru when ever it closes. We should get at least thru the first 5 days of April. They will set the season sometime in February and I will update when I hear from ODFW. I am pretty confident we will get at least thru April 5th, so I am booking Columbia trips thru that date as of now. These Columbia spring salmon are some of the best eating salmon in all of the pacific northwest due to there high oil content. These fish spend up to 6 months in fresh water before the spawn and we catch them in the first few days to a few weeks of them being in fresh water and that is what makes them such fantastic eating fish. These fish average from 8 to 15 pounds but see ones into the 20 pound class every year. We fish our Columbia river spring salmon run in the St. Helen’s area and down river. The upper Columbia river forecast for 2019 is 157,500 but if you add the Sandy, Lewis, and Willamette forecasts together we have almost 205,000 fish when fishing below St. Helens which is a decent run of spring salmon and not much different then 2018 actual return which we saw some good fishing the last week or to of the season.

We will start our WILLAMETTE RIVER SPRING SALMON SEASON after the Columbia season ends which is normally some time in the second week of April. We normally fish thru the first week of May. The WILLAMETTE RIVER forecast is 40,200 for the 2019 run which is more than last years return! We fish the Multnomah Channel all the way to the Oregon City Falls; wherever the fish are is were we will fish. While fishing Oregon City we will be using eggs and shrimp with divers and back-bouncing. These techniques makes it a very fun and active fishery. While in the lower Willamette and the Channel we will be trolling. This is a much more laid back style of fishing but still very productive. These fish are very close to the same size rang as the Columbia ones but do also see ones in the 20 pound class every year.

We start our TILLAMOOK AND NESTUCCA BAY SPRING SALMON seasons the second week of May thru the end of June. ODFW doesn’t do run predictions for these runs, but this is the first year of the increased smolt release for the Tillamook bay fishery which we will now be fishing on 400 thousand smolt release instead of 250 thousand. Which should really help the fishing. These are the biggest spring salmon of the year. The average on these coastal springers are 15 to 20 pounds and we see a few over 30 every year. We also do combo bottom fishing spring salmon trips out of Tillamook when the ocean allows us to get out. The bottom fishing is very hands on and the success is very high with sea bass and ling cod every time we go out. Also if you have kids the bottom fishing is great lots of action and you never know what you mite reel in. We even see a halibut or two caught every spring. Don’t miss out on these fine eating fish we have in the spring seasons!

Summer Kings and Ocean Salmon

Starting July 25th, 2018

We will be fishing summer kings and ocean salmon starting July 25th. We will be fishing Nehalem Bay or the lower Columbia River for the summer kings, whichever area is fishing best. On calm days we fish out in the ocean off the Columbia River or Tillamook Bay chasing acrobatic Coho and line peeling kings! This is normally a fun action packed fishery. We will be fishing summer kings and ocean salmon starting July 25th. We will be fishing Nehalem Bay or the lower Columbia River for the summer kings, whichever area is fishing best. On calm days we fish out in the ocean off the Columbia River or Tillamook Bay chasing acrobatic Coho and line peeling kings! This is normally a fun action packed fishery.

World Famous Buoy 10

August 1st through September 2nd, 2018

August 1st kicks off the WORLD FAMOUS BUOY 10 salmon fishery out of the Astoria area. We normally fish in the ocean off the Columbia River for the first half of August due to the fact that the main volume of fish are staging off the river feeding on everything they can before they start their journey up the river. By mid August we are primarily in the river because the fish are starting to come into the river in large numbers by then. Our forecast for 2018 is nearly 365,000 kings and almost 260,000 coho. So we should see over 600 thousand fish for 2018 Buoy 10 season. We get to keep any king 7 days a week this year thru August 24th from buoy 10 to tongue point line after that we still can keep fin clipped coho 2 fish per person per day limit. After August 24th we can also fish above tongue point thru Sept 2nd for kings so we will be splitting time fishing kings and coho thru this time depending on what the tides are. There will still be some great fishing at the buoy 10 salmon fishery dont miss out this is action packed on tons of fun!

Fall Kings Nehalem & Tillamook Bay

September 3rd through Mid-October, 2018

After buoy 10 we head home to start our TILLAMOOK AND NEHALEM BAY fall king salmon fishery. For Tillamook this season we get a wild coho season starting Friday Sept 7th and Saturday 8th and every Friday and Saturday thru Sept or in till the quota is met We spend most of our time in the ocean in September when conditions allow. Fishing in the ocean also allows up to drop crab pots. These fall kings are the biggest salmon of the year with kings that reach the 40 pound class and the average being 20-30 pounds. We also see many coho in the high teens. Don’t miss out on the hardest fighting fish of the entire year. We fish the bays through mid October for these giant kings.

Fall Kings | Rivers & Tide Water

October – December, 2018

Starting in mid October we will be starting drift boat season and small sled tidewater trips thru Dec for these same large king salmon coming in fresh from the ocean. I am getting a 21 foot Willies sled built this summer to fish the lower Wilson river, Kilches river, Trask river, and Nestucca river for the Fall and winter seasons. Depending on conditions we will be in the sled or drift boats all still will have the HEATED SEATS for those cold fall days. These are very fun hands on trips that we are back bouncing and bobber fishing with eggs sandshrimp and a verity of other baits. We spend the day with the rod in your hand and your very involved. Also when you hook one of these fish with the rod in your hand there is no better feeling and one fantastic rush as the fish takes off line screaming off the reel.

See The Action

Summer Kings Fishing, 2015

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This boat is absolutely HUGE. It’s large width provides extra room to move around and makes fishing more enjoyable.

If you would like to book a quality fishing trip with one of the best fish-catching guides on the Oregon Coast call today. If you end up booking with someone else, but see us out fishing, please wave hello. We’re easy to find in our brand new boat. It’s a 2016 28 foot Willie Nemesis sled with 250 Yamaha 4 stroke and 9.9 Yamaha kicker.

When fishing the rivers around the Tillamook Bay area we will be fishing out of a 2016 20 by 72 or a 2015 18 by 60 Willie drift boat. Please CLICK HERE to see more photos of all three boats.

Please wave or honk if you see us on the river. It’s likely we’ll be in the process of landing a fish so if we’re not able to wave right back I’m sure you’ll understand. I’ve spent as many if not more hours on the water here than any other guide you’ll find, as I fish almost everyday of the year and I truly doubt if you’ll see any other fishing guide who works as hard as I do or puts as many hours in as me. Catching Salmon and Steelhead in the most popular rivers of the Northwest is my passion and my life. It’s a sport that I’d love to share with you.

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~ Daniel St. Laurent


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