Salmon Season Tillamook 2019

Tillamook Salmon Season Recap

The Tillamook Bay Salmon Recap reports an fantastic 2019 fall salmon season.  Tillamook bay fishing guides and Nehalem bay fishing guides saw great consistent action the entire season.  We started our season fishing mainly up in Nehalem bay and we saw a lot of big fish along with many above average size Salmon.  There were many fish being caught over 30 pounds and that was great to see that we still have those bigger fish coming back to our rivers.  As the season went on we started fishing in Tillamook Bay more and more and we saw some great action there as well. On the nice days we were able to get out side of Tillamook bay and do some fishing in the ocean as well as some ocean crabbing.  When fishing in the ocean and the mouth of each bay the go to fishing method both inside and out was trolling herring along with inline flashers.  While we were fishing inside the bays we trolled pro-troll flashers with small spinners behind them.  By far it was a much better season than anyone forecasted.  Tillamook bay fishing guides and Nehalem bay fishing guides are really looking forward to the 2020 Tillamook bay salmon season.  We are also looking forward to fishing outside in the Pacific Ocean and harvesting more of those delicious Dungeness Crabs.

Tillamook Salmon Fall 2019

Great Fishing In Tillamook County in 2019

As for the Tillamook county river season in 2019 we had a great start the last part of October.  Fishing was very good when we got some rain and had water in the rivers.  We got fish both back-bouncing eggs and shrimp and bobber fishing with eggs and jigs.  But come November the weather got dry and slowed the river fishing down to a stop. Tillamook fishing guides are looking forward to the 2020 fall salmon river season and we are hopping for much more normal water conditions which will keep the water levels up higher and the fish flowing in from the ocean on a consistent basis thru early December.

That does it for the Tillamook Bay Salmon Recap along with the Nehalem Bay Recap.   We are now taking bookings for the  2020 fall salmon trips for fishermen looking to get their dates on the calendar early on!