We are looking to Buoy 10 and Tillamook and Nehalem Bay Fisheries—

Buoy 10 salmon fishing is going great with lots of fish showing up. We are limiting out most every day It looks like we are in for a great fall also for the Tillamook bay salmon fishing. Dates are filling fast dont wait too long to book your spot. Here are a few pictures from Buoy 10 last few days.

August 29th – 1 seat
Sept 3rd – 2 seats

After buoy 10 we head home to start our TILLAMOOK AND NEHALEM BAY fall king salmon fishery. For Tillamook this season we get a wide open fishery in the ocean from Sept 2nd thru the 30th, this means we can keep any coho and any king when fishing in the ocean. We spend most of our time in the ocean in September when conditions allow. Fishing in the ocean also allows up to drop crab pots. These fall kings are the biggest salmon of the year with kings that reach the 40 pound class and the average being 20-30 pounds. We also see many coho in the high teens. Don’t miss out on the hardest fighting fish of the entire year. We fish the bays through October for these giant kings.

Call to inquire about drift boat dates only a few spots left for end of Oct and Nov

Sept 7th – 2 seats
Sept 9th – 2 seats
Sept 20th – 6 seats
Sept 21st – 1 seat
Sept 22nd – 2 seats
Sept 24th – 6 seats
Sept 28th – 1 seat
Sept 28th – 1 seat
Oct 1st – 6 seats
Oct 2nd – 6 seats
Oct 4th – 6 seats
Oct 5th – 4 seats
Oct 6th, 7th, 8th – 6 seats
Oct 9th, 10th – 5 seats
Oct 11th – 4 seats
Oct 11th – 4 seats
Oct 12th – 2 seats
Oct 13th – 4 seats
Oct 14th, 15th – 6 seats
Oct 16th – 4 seats
Oct 17th, 18th – 6 seats