Here in the Tillamook bay and Pacific ocean this fall OREGON COAST FISHING GUIDES saw some of the best fall salmon fishing that we have seen in the past 3 years.  We had amazing fishing almost every day and we even hooked into some larger salmon from what we had been seeing over the past few salmon seasons.  That normally means is that these fish had a great food source while they were out in the ocean.
We also saw a very large class of jack salmon which are 1 year old salmon that come back early.  When we see lots of jacks normally the following year is very very good fishing, so we are really looking forward to the 2021 season.  OREGON COAST FISHING GUIDES are already taking bookings for the fall runs in Tillamook bay and pacific ocean for Sept and October in 2021 because of all these positive signs.

We got to fish outside of Tillamook bay a lot of the time in Sept of this year and we got out in October as well.  while we were

in the ocean we had great fishing and amazing crabbing.  Even on the days we were in the bay the fishing did not slow down much because of the great numbers of fish.  I hope to see lots of the same for 2021!