Astoria Oregon sturgeon season (catch and keep)  is now over for 2019. The season was a great success. There was tons of action, most days catching 15 to 25 fish.  The keeper size range was 44 inch to 50 inch so many fish were landed to find the keepers.

There were plenty of oversized and undersized fish every day. We seldom fished in over 10 feet of water and some days we caught them in only 1 to 2 feet of water.  Catching these fish in shallow water is very fun and the fish love to go airborne as soon as you hook them.

Sturgeon are native to the Columbia River and have inhabited these waters for thousands of years.   They have changed very little in this time and have a bit of a prehistoric look to them.

Sturgeon are bottom feeders and skim the bottom of the river for their food.  Pretty much anything that resembles a dead fish is their prey. With a tube With  a toothless tube like mouth they vacum up anything that smells editable.

If you have not experienced fishing during Oregon Sturgeon Season don’t miss out in 2020. Dates book fast and Astoria fishing guides love this fishery due to all the fun action.

Catch and release sturgeon fishing trips are also an option when the keeper season is not going on.  If you enjoy catching a lot of fish and don’t mind not taking one home, this is a great fishery for you.  You will go home with sore arms and a smiling face.

Thank all of you who enjoyed the 2019 Oregon Sturgeon Season with me.  We had some really great days fishing.

Along with the Columbia River sturgeon fishing, Astoria offers plenty of other fishing options from May to September. This includes fast and furious ocean salmon fishing for coho as well as the world famous Buoy 10 river salmon fishing. Call now to talk a book a trip that fits you best! 503.440.5188