The winter Oregon 2019 Steelhead Season is finally over with another great fun and exciting winter steelhead season in the record books.  I started fishing in mid December and just got done last week. 

There a good showing of fish throughout the season on all of the coastal rivers know for winter Steelhead fishing. We had some tough conditions to fish this year. There was some very low water, lower than we have seen in many years.  The fishing guides had to get creative and change things up to stay on the fish but when we did, it payed off. There were many big chrome bright fish put in the cooler.  Even though we had to work a little harder our clients were very pleased with their days on the water.

When we did have a large shot of rain, fish were caught throughout the system – from up high in the canyons to the lower rivers.  I spent most of my time guiding on the WILSON RIVER and NESTUCCA RIVER. 

NESTUCCA RIVER – saw the most consistent action throughout the year due to the Nestucca being a larger river than the Wilson river.  Although there was more fish in the Nestucca we still had to be on top of our game to find them.

WILSON RIVER – although a smaller river than the Nestucca we did see some great fishing after every good shot of rain but it would slow down very fast after it dropped.  If clients wanted to fish the Wilson specifically they would have to be flexible in their schedule to get in on the best fishing.

OREGON COAST FISHING GUIDES in general are anticipating a successful 2019-2020 season due to all the jack steelhead caught this season.  We have not seen his many jack steelhead caught in years (7 to 8 years ago) and the last time this happened the following year was something special, with great fishing every day on most of the northern Oregon costal rivers.

Next up is the summer 2019 Oregon Steelhead Season. If the winter Oregon Steelhead season was any indication Oregon fishermen will have a great second half to look forward to.

As an active Oregon Coast Fishing Guide I need to mention that we are expecting a huge 2019 Coho Salmon season that could be a record breaker. Early indications are that we will have close to 400k coho salmon heading into our river systems later this year. To give you a contrast, an average year is 250k fish.

I am always booking, so it’s never too early to think of booking your 2019 – 2020 OREGON COAST FISHING GUIDE trip!!! 

Here are a few action shots from this season.