columbia spring salmon April 3rd

We will start our COLUMBIA RIVER SPRING SALMON season on April 1st for 2024.  We should get through April 5th.  But we will not know that for positive until late Feb some time. I am going to book April 1st thru 5th until i know we get more days.  The last week of the season is always best. We as Columbia river spring salmon guides look forward to another fun year chasing these prized pacific northwest salmon.

columbia April 12th

These Columbia spring salmon are some of the best eating salmon in all of the pacific northwest due to their high oil content. These fish spend up to 6 months in fresh water before they spawn and we catch them in the first few days to a few weeks of them being in freshwater and that is what makes them such fantastic eating fish.  Many of these fish are bound for Idaho and that makes them some of the highest oil content around.

These fish average from 8 to 15 pounds but see fish into the 20 pound class every year. We fish for Columbia river spring salmon run in the St. Helen’s area and above. The 2024 187,000 Columbia river spring salmon are forecasted. But that does not count the Willamette river and sandy river fish that is around 50 k more so looks to be another decent run this year.  We saw some amazing fishing last year and this year even looks better.  We will be fishing out of Westport off hwy 30.

columbia April 4th