After buoy 10 we head home to start our Tillamook and Nehalem Bay fall king salmon fishery and coho fishery. For Tillamook this season we get a wild coho season in the ocean for Sept.  Starting Sept 1st thru the end of Sept or until quota is reached.

So when in the ocean you will be able to kill any salmon starting Sept 1st. Fishing in the ocean also allows us to drop crab pots. The crabbing this time of year is great with most days seeing 30 to 50 keepers which makes a great feed with your ocean fresh salmon.

As TILLAMOOK BAY FISHING GUIDES AND NEHALEM BAY FISHING GUIDES we look forward to these huge kings every year! These fall kings are the biggest salmon of the year with kings that reach the 40 pound class and the average being 20-30 pounds. We also see many coho in the high teens. Don’t miss out on the hardest fighting fish of the entire year. We fish the bays through mid October for these giant kings.

We will be able to kill wild kings both in the ocean and in the bays for 2024.  We will also get select days in the bay like last year for wild coho, as well as the 2nd year we get adult coho off a broodstock coho run that was started 4 years ago!!