For 2023 we are expecting one of the largest spring salmon runs on the Columbia river since 2005.  As COLUMBIA RIVER FISHING GUIDES we are crazy excited with this year’s run forecast!!  This year they are forecasting 315,000 spring salmon and there are some rivers that have not come out with their numbers yet.  So there is a very good chance that number could be bigger.  Over the last few years they have also underestimated the run.  We as COLUMBIA RIVER FISHING GUIDES we will be fishing out of Westport Or off hwy 30 this year.  We fished there last year. Fishing was great.  The other great thing about fishing out of Westport is they have great parking for everyone and lots of dock room and nice restrooms for everyone to use.  These are by far the best eating salmon of the pacific northwest some of these fish are headed all the way to Idaho.  So these fish that have that far to travel are some of the richest in omega oils out of any of them are prized spring salmon.

We use 2 different ways to fish for these fish as COLUMBIA RIVER FISHING GUIDES.  First way is trolling with bait.  We use herring and anchovies trolling in the spring due to the water being cold this time of year is mainly a bait show.  We use flashers just above the bait.  This is a very easy relaxing way to fish until you hook a fish then its game on and very exciting trying to land your prized spring salmon.  The other way we fish for them is on anchor using glugs wrapped with bait.  We mostly do this when we have high water years due to the fish running very close to shore.  But to watch one of these fish hit a plug is like nothing else.  it slams the rod to the water and the fight is on.  But both ways to catch these fish have their time and place so we are ready for whatever is working best.
We are fishing out of my 2022 custom Willes sled on the COLUMBIA RIVER for spring salmon season.  We will start fishing the last week of March 26th thru April 7th.  We very likely will get more time in April after the 7th once the states meet so keep your fingers crossed after the 7th for more fishing time. So now is the time to get your 2023 seats for spring salmon.  COLUMBIA RIVER FISHING GUIDES  are crazy excited for this year’s run and we expect some flat out amazing fishing with so many fish headed back.