This Spring Salmon Run Oregon Forecast is being written in January of 2020.   The ODFW has released its preliminary forecast in early December and we are expecting an update in February.

Although Spring Chinook Salmon runs have been down the past few years we are still getting enough in to keep fishermen interested.   The allure is that Spring Chinook Salmon are hands down the most delicious salmon you will ever taste and are coveted by all who have had the opportunity to taste one.  These fish are smaller than the Fall Run Chinook and the Columbia June Hogs.  The average “Springer” is between 12 pounds and 20 pounds.

Columbia River Spring Salmon Runs

Early numbers are estimating that we will see about 135,000 Spring Chinook.  In 2019  the estimate prior to the beginning of the season  was 157,000 with an actual return of 109,000 fish.

Willamette River Spring Salmon Runs

The run of Spring Chinook into the Willamette is estimated to be just over 40,800 was is slightly higher than the 2019 estimate of 40,200 fish.   The actual return in 2019 was 27,000 fish.

Tillamook & Garibaldi Spring Salmon Runs