Winter Steelhead

     We fish the Tillamook area for winter steelhead, including the Trask, Wilson, and Kilchis river. We also fish the Nestucca river, just south of Tillamook. We float the rivers in my spacious 20 foot drift boat, using a variety of techniques, including but not limited to, side drifting, bobber fishing, and pulling plugs. Winter steelhead range from 6-20 pounds but it isn’t uncommon to hook one over 20 pounds. They are very acrobatic, fresh from the saltwater with every rain fall from the winter and spring months. We normally float up to 15 to 20 miles of river a day, giving you a wide variety of scenery. Because the rivers are close in proximity, it is common to fish 2 rivers a day. If a certain river is not producing fish, we have the option of changing our location. I have been fishing these rivers since childhood therefore I am very knowledgeable about the ever changing river conditions day in and day out. I also network with other fishing guides in the area to keep me alert of the fishing activity.

 Spring Salmon

     We start fishing for Spring Salmon in the lower Columbia in the beginning of April and follow them up the river into the Willamette, above Bonneville Dam at the Wind River and Drano Lake fisheries, near Stevenson, WA in May. We fish the Willamette river from the mouth clear up to Oregon City behind the falls. We use a variety of techniques such as trolling, back bouncing bait, and anchor fishing with quick fish. We will be fishing out of my brand new 26 foot Willie’s raptor. Spring Salmon are one of the best eating fish in the Northwest. They are also known as a great fighting fish due to their size, ranging from 8-30 pounds. These fish are very challenging to catch but I stay on top of the fishing reports and I am on the river daily giving you the best opportunity to catch these fish.

     In June, I move to the Tillamook area, fishing Tillamook Bay and the surrounding rivers, for the largest spring salmon of the year. They average between 15-20 pounds but it is not uncommon to catch one up to 30 pounds. We start off trolling in the Bay for these exciting and delicious fish. Once we get a spring rain, we will chase these fish up the rivers in my drift boat.

Summer Steelhead

     I fish the Columbia River during July for summer steelhead, fresh from the saltwater. They are great eating fish and fun to fish for on nice sunny summer days. They are very active fish that will jump out of the water once hooked.  This is a very relaxing fishery that is mostly on anchor waiting for the fish to swim by.  But when they come thru in schools fishing gets very fun with doubles very commonly.  These fish run 7 to 12 pounds but you do get fish up to 20 just not an every day fish.

Buoy 10 Salmon

     We start fishing the lower Columbia River in early august for one of the most exciting fisheries of the year.  If you want the chance at catching 20 salmon in a day this is the fishery for you.  It is not uncommon to land 10 to 20 salmon a day.  In early august there is mostly Chinook salmon but by the middle to end of the month we catch both silver salmon and Chinook in the same days.  The weather is normally very good this time of year which makes it for a very fun day on the water.  This is the most popular fishery in the northwest.  People travel all over the world for this great fishing each year.  The best dates do fill fast so don’t wait till the last min. 


Fall Salmon Tillamook-Nehalem

     Starting in September I move down and start fishing my fall salmon season in the Tillamook and Nehalem bays.  We are fishing for the biggest fish of the year fall Chinook salmon that range anywhere from 20 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds.   We start off early in the season trolling the mouth of the bays.  As the season progress we move to upper Tillamook bay and we troll spinners.  This is a very exciting fishery since it’s done in very shallow water.  When you hook one of these large fish in shallow water it can be quite exciting.  As we start to get rains in the fall I move up in the rivers and we float them in my 20 foot drift boat.  We fish primarily the Wilson Trask and Nestucca rivers.

Professional Fishing Guide:
Daniel St. Laurent / Astoria, Oregon
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